The Evolution of Social Media

Updated on 27 november 2018 in Shutters
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Imagine, one fine morning you wake up to see all your social media profiles are no more. Or worse, social media does not exist anymore. That would be the worst nightmare, isn’t it? Social media has become such an integral part of our lives that people, instead of waking up and doing the regular chores after a night’s sleep, stay laid on the bed and check the social media feed.

Even the remotest parts of the world are aware of the simplest of social media platforms now but, it wasn’t like this a decade ago. Now we have Social media that comes in an assortment of flavors. We have the vanilla Facebook, the chomp dessert that is Twitter, the dish with the ideal introduction such as Pinterest, the starter Instagram, and obviously, the zero-calorie Snapchat.

But before these user-friendly time-sucking apps came to life, there were several other apps which were the part of the trial and error methods of social media platforms.

In this post, let’s go back to the memory lane and dig deep the history of social media.

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